Arduino Uno Powered Pixelbot

The Arduino Uno

You can build your robot any way you like. You can use our designs or you can make your own. But the starting point will be the microcontroller that you use to control the robot. You can use the Arduino Uno to do this.

The Uno can be programmed using the Python-ish language once you have loaded the HullOS system into it. It is a great way to start your robot journey. Later on you can improve your robot by adding a network connection to the Uno or by replacing the Uno with a more powerful processor such as the ESP32 or Raspberry Pi Pico.

You will need a cable to connect your Arduino to your computer. This should be supplied with the Arduino.

An Arduino Uno microcontroller

Load HullOS into your Arduino Uno

Use your cable to connect your Arduino Uno.

Now you need to install HullOS into your Arduino Uno. Click the button below and then select your Arduino serial port from the menu which appears. Note that you must be using a browser which supports serial connections. Chrome and Edge work well.


You should now have an Arduino Uno running HullOS. Visit the Python-ish page to connect to your Arduino and run your first program.

If you have any problems you should check out the faq page.